This proprietary real-time "what if" tool, is a powerful way to simulate different revenue scenarios. Type in your own numbers and see how dramatically you can benefit and grow your revenues, through smarter marketing and sales. (Even without increasing your sales force or improving sales force productivity).

# of sales persons
Sales calls / sales person / day
Average # Sales Calls / customer
Average sale value ($)
Sales lead conversion ratio (%)
Monthly revenue capacity ($)

Auto Calculate


'Before' and 'After' reflect the two scenarios — before and after optimization of your marketing and sales operation.

Explanation of information requested for the analysis:

# of sales persons = The actual number of sales people you employ.
Sales calls / sales person / day = The maximum number of sales calls made in a day by each sales person.
Average # Sales Calls / customer = The average number of sales calls it takes to close each sale. We assume that smarter marketing and an improved sales process will reduce this.
Average sale value = Total revenue divided by number of sales made. Through improved cross selling and up selling, you would increase the average sale or transaction value.
Sales lead conversion ratio = What percentage of leads are converted into customers. With better quality leads from smarter marketing and an improved sales methodology, the closing ratio will rise.
Monthly revenue capacity = Based upon the information provided, this is the maximum possible monthly revenue or the 'revenue capacity'.
This calculation assumes 20 working days per month.

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The results shown are only indicative of what is likely to happen. Actual results achieved may vary.

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