Sales results drive the success of any business and an efficient sales force is a critical component of that success.

However, the sales profession itself has changed dramatically over the past decade. With growing competition in a rapidly evolving global supply economy, price alone is no longer a sustainable competitive advantage or driver for sales success. Being able to differentiate is key. At the same time, budgets are tighter. Businesses are being asked to do more with less. Consequently, buy decisions are increasingly based on justifying WHY the money needs to be spent and not WHERE to spend it. Buyers who once had time to discuss their problems now expect sales professionals to already know and understand those problems before they arrive. In most situations today, buyers will only talk to — and buy from — sales people who can demonstrate significant value in the near term.

In this unique training workshop, we will show your sales team, how to improve their efficiency, and your bottom line, by more effectively going from leads to closing, in the context of your industry, products and customers. They will learn how to:

Consistently make or exceed sales quotas
Improve productivity
Find and leverage evangelists to get to decision makers
Forecast and size the deal more accurately
Show value with cost-benefit analysis
Increase scalability and your installed capacity for sales
Differentiate your organization
Improve lead and prospect management
Improve market penetration
Measurably improve closing rates
Increase average sales transaction value
Reduce your competition into a quivering, shaking nervous wreck!

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