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In today's global economy, the pressure to deliver short-term business results is intense. Allow us to help you develop a successful actionable strategy, built for results.

What you don’t need is just another consultant. We know that you’re not really interested in fancy presentations loaded with fluff. No one has spare cash to throw at smart-talking consultants who bill by the quarter hour, on projects that never seem to go anywhere. So we won’t insult your intellect by making wild promises and sucking up to you.

We understand that you want to see VALUE. That is exactly what we will deliver. We’ll roll up our sleeves and work one-on-one with you, to make things happen. We’ll help you to stop making costly mistakes and start getting results. We’ll focus on your goals, leverage your strengths and our expertise, to help you grow your business through deliberate, measurable and scalable actions.

TBM has distilled decades of executive and top management expertise in business operations, marketing, sales, finance, HR and technology, to create a unique and proprietary business analysis toolkit. With this toolkit, we put your business through one of the most stringent, yet non-intrusive, business audits ever. An audit that runs through over 300 checkpoints, encompassing every key aspect of your business, to identify and zoom in on your strengths and weaknesses. The real-time Revenue Capacity Analyzer™ is a small part of this toolkit.

We use this unique methodology to find gaps and deliver a range of services that maximize results in the shortest time. By digging deeper than mere financials, we run a systematic organization wide evaluation, to unravel the ‘whats’, the ‘hows’ and the ‘nots’. This rapidly provides us with a thorough understanding of your business and your reality. It gives us the knowledge we need, to help you deal with the challenges facing your business.

Armed with this deep understanding of your needs, we can meaningfully help you to

Align your strategies and plans with your business goals
Identify the value drivers for future growth
Build optimal business, marketing and sales processes
Establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for smarter measurement and management
Reposition or restructure and reorganize to gain competitive advantage
Balance profitability and market momentum
Improve ROI and systematically advance business growth and profitability
Measurably improve the quality and quantity of sales leads
Improve closing ratios and overall sales force performance
Turn the Internet into a competitive advantage, by unleashing its power as a customer acquisition and relationship management tool
Leverage the latest tools and technologies to understand and deliver what customers really want
Evaluate and improve marketing processes for increased customer acquisition and retention
Develop and execute an international strategy
Gain competitive advantage through global sourcing
Infuse cost containment into the ‘DNA’ of the company
Make more accurate, objective and consistent decisions
Develop operating policies and reporting guidelines
Build offering memorandums, executive summaries, business plans, presentations and investor packages
Determine funding paths and structure offerings for private placement, acquisition, merger, loans, grants or IPO
Train, mentor and support your technical, marketing and sales teams.

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If you are talking to another consultant, ask them if they offer any guarantees. WE DO.

We guarantee that if we fail to deliver what we promise, we will refund your money. No excuses. No fine print. No gimmicks.
It’s that simple!

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