Business Processes and their management have been around since the barter system. It is not only what you do, but how you do it that impacts your competitive advantage.

When Ransome Eli Olds invented the first assembly line to make cars in 1901, it gave him a competitive advantage that resulted in Olds being the #1 auto car maker in America from 1901 to 1904. Then Henry Ford improved the assembly line, and the Ford Motor Co went on to become the world’s largest car maker.

We'll help you to align business processes with organizational goals and deal with complex issues more efficiently and cost effectively. By reviewing and tweaking the way you do things, we'll help you make strategic changes in the real-life context of running the business, at minimal cost and disruption.

We'll also help you to evaluate and modify, or establish the underlying rules and policies. Then we’ll help establish the performance measurement criteria and metrics.

Finally, we'll help you document the processes, policies and metrics. For internal management purposes, or to move along the TQM path towards Six Sigma, ISO, SEI-CMM, CMMi or PCMM.

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