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The 'next big thing' almost always comes out of America. Americans are always innovating... always figuring things out. Innovation has given America its competitive advantage.

Indeed, American companies even invented global sourcing.
Global sourcing is a fact of life. The worldwide proliferation of Coke and McDonalds—even to remote parts of Asia and Africa, where there are no roads and electricity—proves the point.

At the same time that some people are decrying lost jobs, global sourcing provides buyers considerable savings while retaining their competitive advantage. It has become clear that the outcry is as flawed as the protectionist measures that Adam Smith discredited more that 200 years ago. (In The Wealth of Nations Smith maintained that companies and nations who overcome the barriers to trade, would reap tremendous economic and social benefits). These benefits guarantee that global sourcing will continue to change the business landscape.

It is important to understand that global sourcing is not about millions and millions of foreign workers...toiling night and day...studying calculus and memorizing the periodic tables...taking apart computers and reassembling them...writing code and answering phones... Global sourcing is about competitive advantage. But it isn't suitable for every company.

We understand global sourcing, particularly global sourcing of technology and product development. For two decades, and on numerous occasions, we've been on every side of the table—as a buyer, vendor and consultant.

We can leverage this expertise to help you find some smart answers, where the only angle is yours.

We'll help you answer questions like

:: To globally source or not?
:: Onshore or offshore?
:: Poland, India, West Virginia or Texas?

Contact us today. Make your own competitive advantage.

Global Services Sourcing: Issues of Cost and Quality

This recent paper by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs Nirupam Bajpai and others, from Columbia University, highlights the cost and quality issues in the global sourcing of services. View PDF


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