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With the rapid unification of the global economy, it is not a question of whether you should have an international strategy, but what that strategy will be.

International expansion can be expensive and risky. A few wrong steps are all it takes to bring a company to its knees. The key to developing a successful international business lies in understanding and adapting to the local culture, economic, political and business environment. You need to understand what your customers and prospects are really saying, and even more importantly, what they expect you to say and do.

For over two decades we have
helped to establish partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures, technology transfers, franchises, strategic alliances, distribution channels and reseller relationships, in over 50 countries worldwide.

We’ve developed ‘on the ground’ expertise on key locations including the United States, Latin America, Europe, China, India and Asia Pacific; and acquired an intimate knowledge of business, processes, methods, laws, cultures, and languages, which can be rapidly leveraged to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you're a small services company or a large manufacturer, we will help you to understand and deal with the impact on your international business, of issues like
:: World trade organization :: Double taxation
:: Currency fluctuations :: Royalty & profit repatriation
:: Political & economic stability :: Strategic globalization
:: Localization challenges :: Intellectual property laws
:: Patents & trademarks :: Licensing requirements
:: Overseas Internet sales :: Channel conflict

We’ve built an extensive network of contacts and relationships around the world, so whether you need a channel to market, sell and distribute your technology, know-how, product or services; or train and support your customers, we'll help you quickly find the right partner, licensee, collaborator, fulfillment house, distributor, reseller, VAR or sales agent.


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