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When you work with TBM, you have the assurance of working with the best professionals, who are not only dedicated to helping you succeed, but also understand how to make it happen, because we've helped a number of small and large businesses just like yours worldwide, including

:: a Fortune 100 global conglomerate
:: a hospitality industry software company
:: an American credit and risk decisioning company
:: a French Internet services company
:: a hospital management company
:: an e-learning company
:: a CAD software company
:: a major Indian technology park
:: a vintner in upstate New York
:: a major pharmaceutical company
:: and many other large and small companies.

We have also trained marketing and sales experts at companies like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SPSS, i-flex, TCS and Wipro, among others.

Semiconductor startup

Our client entered into a contract to acquire a semi conductor manufacturing plant from a large global company that was closing down one of its units, intending to get into the manufacture of a new patented product. However, they found themselves unable to proceed with the project. On one hand they stood to lose the large advance they had paid and on the other they had 3 weeks to resell the plant. The situation looked bleak when we were brought in. We developed a sales strategy, found a buyer, negotiated the terms of sale and arranged for the equipment to be moved all within the given time frame.

They recovered their cost, didn’t need to default on their contract and walked away happy.

Hospitality industry software company

This twelve year old company was consistently losing money in a growing industry. Year after year. After several management changes the company was headed nowhere. A new product was under development, to replace an existing antiquated system that no one was buying, but product development was in a mess. Timelines had slipped repeatedly and morale was low.

The founder asked us to advise him regarding the future course of action. We conducted an extensive business audit of the company, looked at the industry, competitors products, market opportunity, marketing and sales strategy, software development methodology, QA and testing practices. We even looked at the software code and coding practices. Then we talked to the team, before submitting a detailed report together with recommendations to the founder. He took our advice and the company is now making real progress.

Business intelligence consulting company

After two decades in business, this company was reeling from the recession in the United States and lost opportunities. They had laid off people, cut costs but were still hemorrhaging badly. They desperately wanted to reinvent themselves but were rapidly running out of money. Countless attempts to raise money through banks, VCs and angels had all proved fruitless.

We analyzed their situation, developed a new strategy, market position and business plan. Then we went out and got them the funding they needed to execute their plans.

"TBM set us up for explosive growth with a new strategy, plans and positioning" President & CEO, US Credit Risk Consulting Co.
"We deeply appreciate your tremendous efforts on a job well done" Chairman, International Pharmaceutical Co.
"Great job! I am deeply impressed" Chairman, Hospitality Software Co.
"Your advice was very, very valuable" President, French Software Co.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Founder, Government IT contracting firm


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